Low back pain or cramp in your neck might be due to a bad mattress!

Generally most of us don’t recognize the importance of lying on a comfy mattress. An average human spends one third of his life sleeping, so when this is the case it’s important to be cautious when choosing the mattresses for your bedroom. A mattress can have a great impact on an individual’s sleep says Michael Decker- spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep.

Studies have shown that 92% of people say a good mattress is the answer for a good night’s sleep.

Whether you’re spending your time slumbering or simply tossing and turning all depends on your mattress. However a good mattress can lessen the pressure points on the body when you’re asleep, thus ensuring you have a better night's sleep.

A majority of people are more concerned on the budget they have to spend to get a good mattress. But believe me stop dozing on your low-cost mattress, as you are more likely to benefit from a lot more by spending a little on them. To buy the best mattress for a good night sleep, get in touch with The Furniture Gallery

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