Sometimes a single furniture can catch an eye, create an ambience or make a bold statement! Close your eyes and picture yourself waking up in front of a room adorned with an antique wardrobe, amazing isn't it? Contemprorary beds and antique wardrobe work together to deliver the prettiest of rooms.

In this modern era it is unsurprising to find these beautiful furnitures in different heights and depths. In order to make them fit easily through doors and hallways, generally wardrobes disassemble into sides, base, top, back and doors.

Types of Wardrobes-

Fitted Sliding Door Wardrobes

The advantage of owning a fitted sliding door wardrobes is that you can efficiently create more space with it. You can simply assemble them in a often unused space in your home. You can assemble more attires in these wardrobes because they typically stand up from floor to ceiling.

Joysleep Slider

Free-Standing Wardrobes

Free-Standing Wardrobes are the regular wardrobes and are usually chosen due to its portability feature. These wardrobes come in different sizes and materials - metal, glass and plastic.

Joysleep Free Standing Wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobes

The Walk in wardrobes are the most versatile and rarest warbrobes. It is usually owned by people who collect large amounts of clothings. Unlike the above wardrobes the walk in wardrobes come equipped with a bench or a chair. These warbrobes are designed with hanging space on every side and also have a distinct number of shelves.

Joysleep Walkin Wardrobes

Today many furniture retailers also customize warbrobes to match one's interiors in all ways. So you can also customize these furntiure's in preferred shape and dimension to make sure it fits perfectly in the space available.

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