We all love to enjoy life's simplest pleasures - to simply cuddle up for a good nap. But have you felt that your beds take up more space than you have? This is where beds built-in storage come as a great solution.

You can also limit the clutter in your room by opting King size beds with accessories that support hidden storage that can be customized to contain everything from books, off-season clothing, bedding towels and other accessories that are demanding for space in your living room. The rolling drawers with these beds will finally enable your dresser and closet to breathe.

So if space is a constraint, then instead of buying a separate console table or credenza for your living room, you can opt beds that come with built-in storage. It's the right time to replace the clumsy underbed storage containers with impressive storage beds. From mid-century modern to minimalist, TheFurntiureGallery, leading Bed Shops in Essex has a huge collection of these beds on sale!

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Getting a good nights sleep isn’t always possible with just a bed! Isn't it?


Some reasons to gift yourself a good mattress:

  • They are designed to provide maximum comfort and warmth over your bed.

  • They support all the parts of your body evenly and thus your spine will remain in a neutral position throughout the night.

  • Relieves and prevents pain in the hips, shoulders and back.

  • In the case of high-quality mattresses, you can enjoy longer durability – probably 8 to 10 years.

Today you can find many different mattresses available on Furniture Shops in Thurrock, from Memory foam, Innerspring, Latex, Adjustable bases to Air bed mattress. So its up to you to decide and choose the one that offer's everything you are looking for. So if you are planning to buy a King Size Bed with Mattress online for your living room then TheFurnitureGallery is the right one for you!