Be it living, lounge or sitting room, a sofa is usually the main attraction in a living room. The sofas come in a variety of types constituting elements that are decorative, functional and rich in excellent structural features. They accompany most of the homes, as they are versatile and comfortable to fit in any room, from the living room up to the bedrooms.


As the winter is coming, there is no doubt that the temperature will go down vertiginously. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to ease on a cozy armchair, holding your favorite book in your hand or watching your favorite movie, perhaps in front of the burning fire.

Sofa Bed

Among the space-saving furnishings, a prominent place occupies the sofas that turn into bed. These furnishings are often chosen for three reasons – convenience, space-saving and comfort of the mattress.  


These styles of sofas are recognized by their legs- curved outward and down. This sofa was quite famous during the early 18th century. The curved back & legs give this furniture a charming French accent.


The sofa is characterized by one with soft muted upholstery, rolled arms and an arched back.

Club Sofa

A club sofa is a traditional type of sofa that can be recognized by its slightly rounded arm backward from the front of the seat and its short legs.

Bridgewater Sofa

Bridgewater's styles are modern sofas with straight and square lines when talking about their arms, legs, and back. A Bridgewater sofa has an elegant look with low miniskirt arms.

Lawson Sofa

The Lawson sofas are popular because they are modern and comfortable. The main feature of a Lawson sofa is that its arms are lower back.

Beautiful additions like this can make your interiors look more inviting and attractive. When buying a sofa you have to choose one that is both comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Find your perfect couch at the best furniture shop online UK.