Choosing a convertible sofa requires real knowledge: this smart furniture has multiple technologies, the choice of the mattress, the specific mechanics to select from... “The Furniture Gallery” being in the business for over a 3 decade can help you identify the convertible sofa that will fit your lifestyle and meet your expectations.

A convertible sofa is a comfortable sofa that can be unfolded quickly and can easily be converted into a bed. You can use it as a classic fixed sofa to sit on and also use it as a bed when unfolded.

The sofa bed is ideal for a studio apartment!. Turn your living room into a bedroom or a guest room as soon as you need it!

There are three types of convertible sofas:

They correspond to different types of bedding, mattress thicknesses and mechanics:

The occasional bed: An occasional bed has a mechanism that requires removing the cushions to open the sofa and the mattress has a thickness of 6 cm.

The regular bedding: It has a mattress 10 to 12 cm thick and is unfolded by pulling it towards you. Only the back cushions are removed when unfolded, the seat cushions remain fixed to the mechanism. .

Daily bedding: This is the most common model currently, it has a mattress with a thickness of 13 cm to 18 cm and its quick opening system can unfold the sofa without removing any of the cushions that remain attached to the mechanical.This mechanism is also called Rapido sofa.

How to choose the mattress of your sofa?

Mattresses designed for convertible sofas are designed to be folded and unfolded without deterioration. The more qualitative the mattress, the more it offers sleeping comfort and durability over time. The type of mattress chosen directly affects the quality of the coating.

Materials and thicknesses

A mattress is always composed of two parts, the central part also called heart or soul, which is covered with a reception surface. The heart of the mattress of your sofa bed can be made up of different materials:

Polyester foam or polyurethane foam is the core material of economical range mattresses. It offers cozy comfort and good ventilation.

The latex can be either natural or synthetic. The latex mattresses, thanks to the elastic properties of the material, they offer a particularly pleasant comfort. They are more resistant and very durable. And when they are made from natural latex, they also have hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite properties.

Springs have been used since the 1950s to make durable and comfortable mattresses. In recent generations, the springs are bagged which greatly limits the noise of the mattress and allows optimal support. The comfort of this type of mattress can vary from firm to very firm.

Viscoelastic foam, also known as "memory foam", is a highly innovative material. It allows the mattress to literally marry your body while preventing it from deforming over time.

How to Maintain a Convertible Sofa

If your sofa bed is completely removable you can clean it thoroughly. The furniture must be sucked regularly and treat against mites. For this you have the choice between steam cleaning, but in this case be careful not to wet your sofa using specific cleaning products. Also remember to ventilate your bed daily because the accumulated humidity during the night is a source of bacterial proliferation and bad smells. To avoid this phenomenon, just leave the bed open, ideally open window, for about ten minutes before closing your sofa.